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This page is a chronological list of various improvements made to the Resort Web Pages. Not listed here are modifications made to user's home pages (for the most part). Refer to this list often and you need never miss a thing!

Help, I'm Confused!

Well now we're a bit behind on updating the public. The legendary resort has split! Oh rest easy geek-reader, the Resort is still in fond geek hands. But in the wake there are many geekish houses where before there were one. Though this site remains as a static tribute to the eternalized years of Resort Power and Dominance, the progress of houses and webs moves on. In the north there is Abattoir, and an unnamed SF flat. In Santa Cruz, there is the Resort, and 7thsign.

Multi-language for the Magic Head of 'Bob'. Script cleaned up to work with multiple languages. Should work same as it ever did.

New sets of Photos online for your viewing pleasure.

When it comes to drinking, the Resort Loves Gin!

The machine www.resort.com had a new netcard (3c509) installed today. It should be somewhat more responsive now. Check out the new Word Of The Day page.

Woah! These two french guys came by the house and took a bunch of footage of us for french tv! We'll try to put up some QT movies when we have a chance.

Happy New Year! Heres a lot of photos from the Resort NYE bash! See if you can find your favorite geek!

Back online following over 50 hours of power outtage in the Mountains of Santa Cruz. Its been rough. Contibutions of all alchoholic drinks are being accepted at this time

A new link on the Services page to information about Hopping Ghosts.

Banshee has reformatted and revamped his home page.

Finally! A listing of the things that are new on the Resort's web pages! Topping off this list of NEW stuff is the NEW look for the home pages. Buttons and a new logo emblem.

Here is a rough draft of the history of the Resort.

Also a new link to an article about geeks.

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