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The Official Resort Help Page

Theres NO HELP for you, Stygian Dog! We'll see you in the naetherworld!

Ok, ok. See the buttons at the bottom of this page? The buttons appear on the bottom of most Resort pages and get keep you from getting lost, as well as providing a general index to the pages the Resort has available.

The Three-Eyed Head-o-'Bob' will always take you to the Resort home page. The Flying Disk will take you to a written history of the Resort. The Floating Eye will show you many pictures of the Resort members. The Mystical Hand presents myriad pages of general interest. The Question Sign lists the updates to this site. And the Letter can be employed to send us your praises.

And those buttons at the top of the page? The penny lets you read a dumb ad which none-the-less pays us a whole penny! Click it a whole lot!

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