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Here at the Resort, we don't have a whole lot of free time. Between the relentless probing by the space aliens, our investigations into the link between the assasination of JFK and the Scientologists, and trips to the liquor store, we simply find it difficult to set aside more than a few moments to create new, useful web services.
Be that as it may, some services eventually are created; we present them here for your WWW enjoyment.


Learn to (ab)use Nitrous Oxide
Explore the Renaissance Faire
Visit the Mystery Spot
Important information concerning Hopping Ghosts.
The Fabulous Flightless Endangered Kakapo.
Can I too Enlarge My Nipples?


Ask the Mystical Head of 'Bob'
Locate bands you like with the Similarity Engine
Leave a message on the Bulletin Board
The EverChanging Word Of The Day
Your links back to The Resort

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