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The Resort is a state of mind.
The Resort is a state of undress.


1992 Who wouldn't jump at a chance to live somewhere like that? The Resort was formed when salguod and banshee decided that they needed to stop living in small houses and furthermore needed to establish a geek house of unparalleled magnitude. They had lived in the Parrington dorm for four years at UCSC and had lived in separate houses in Santa Cruz for a few years. Banshee really wanted to live in the woods, and salguod really wanted a geek house. So banshee found this ad in the classifieds that appeared to have everything they both wanted: privacy, forest setting, lots of space, lots of bedrooms, a pool AND a spa. Though their current housemates were rather displeased, they went ahead and tried to organize a motley crew to secure the wilderness retreat.

They pulled in fez, a friend from work who had gotten tired of living alone. They pulled in picori and vadge, with whom banshee had spent much of the spring of 92 getting trashed. Lafolle was a friend from Parrington looking for inexpensive housing. Angel was a friend from the UCSC computer system who wanted a housing change.

With these seven assembled, and much bickering about who was to buy the toilet paper later... the Resort was born.

1993 Dogboy, also known as skreee, lived at the Resort for a summer while lafolle moved to Berkeley to take summer classes. Dogboy was also a UCSC/Cowell/Parrington alumni. Vadge moved into Santa Cruz proper in the fall of 93 leaving a room open for ruhue. Ruhue was a geek friend who had moved back to SC from Austin. Pooteur is a boy ruhue found at renaissance faire and brought home.

1994 In the summer of 94, ruhue and pooteur began their world tour. Expected stops: New Zealand, China, and lord only knows where as they trek about spreading the word of the Resort. They may still be reached (albeit infrequently) at

Into the void left by ruhue comes yertle, back in SC fresh from a year abroad in jolly old England. Yertle brings to the house a fresh new scent and lots of girls she refuses to share.

1995 As the summer of 1995 winds down, Lafolle heads off to graduate school at UCSB and Fez moves out to live alone again. Seeking to maintain some degree of balance, the Resort imports jila (who had moved from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara some time ago). Finally, accelerating the demise of the un-named house on Beach Hill, sorceress moves in on the condition that her closet door be enlarged and banshee cease attempting to touch her butt.

In Winter of 1995, ruhue returns from abroad and moves to Berkeley.

Spring 1996 Dissent breaks out! Plans to dismantle the Resort form. Picori and Banshee plot a move to the Berkeley area. Yertle moves to San Francisco. Angel and Jila are undecisive but also consider San Francisco. Sorceress and Salguod plan to remain in Santa Cruz.

Summer 1996 The Resort atomizes and its minions head out into the world to continue their preaching. Sorceress remains as Lady of the Resort Stronghold and is joined by new disciples. Banshee, Picori, and Ruhue form an East Bay conclave known as the Abattoir. Jila and Angel move to unlinked houses in San Francisco. Yertle joins the Flop House. Salguod remains in Santa Cruz, forming the cabalistic House of the 7th Sign.

Jan 1997 And thus ends the multi-year saga of the Ultimate Geek House, The Resort.

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