We Love Gin!

After a hard day at the office shuffling papers, in the fields mutilating cattle, in the air directing UFOs, theres nothing that hits the spot quite like an ice cold martini! The sleek glass, lightly beaded with condensation; the arousing sound of shaken ice and gin; that fleeting splash of vermouth; and the breathtaking plop as the olive penetrates the surface. Ahhhhh. Theres nothing like it.

Here Tammy looks radiant as she holds aloft God's true gift to Mankind, Bombay Sapphire Gin. Not to be outdone, Galen recites a few psalms and christens the bottle with a prayer.
After a few drinks, Jeanne is ready to take on the world! ''Wait a minute! You spent the rent money on that bottle?!?! Give me that! I want a drink too!'' John is always so demanding when it comes to this sweet elixir.
Sad as it is to say, David had to suffer without. And so ends another fine fine bottle of Bombay Sapphire!

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