The Resort Past And Present


For numerological reasons, the Resort must always contain seven housemates. These are the seven current housemates and the spiritual guide 'Bob'. More photos of Geeks In Action.
Salguod Banshee Angel Picori
Doug John Galen Tammy
salguod banshee angel picori
Yertle Shrew Jila 'Bob'
Carrie Kaz Jila 'Bob'
yertle shrew jila bob

Long Past

These are people who have lived in the Resort and who have now moved out into the world in order to further spread the Resort's gospel.
Pinniped Skreee Ruhue Pooteur
Katie Peter Rebecca Tom
pinniped skreee ruhue pooteur
Fez Lafolle
Peter Gerald
fez lafolle

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