The Mystery Spot

California's SENSATIONAL Wonder in Wonderland
Where your camera will verify the numerous variations you see -- yet are inclined to disbelieve
Stranger than Fiction -- Nature's Mysterious Phenomenon -- Believe it or not...

Thousands have visited this natural phenomenon since its discovery in 1940 and many have returned to show their friends the numerous variations of gravity, perspective, compass, velocity, and height that intrigue the visitor to come again. It's unusual, it's amazing, it's wholesome, interesting entertainment.

It's crazy -- it's perplexing -- it's nature's black magic. That's why it is called the Mystery Spot. The Doubting Thomas who heads for the Spot finds himself amoung the puzzled when he staggers out to regain his sense of balance and perspective.

How can you explain laying a carpenter's level across two cement blocks noting for yourself their tops are on the same level, then standing on one and seeing your companion on the other above or below you. Mystery in the Mountains!

Recently discovered is a spot, 150 feet in diameter, located in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The visitor to this Mystery Spot leans towards the southwest upon entering the area, and the lean becomes more acute as he proceeds towards the center of the spot. Even the trees here do not stand perpendicular.

The sensational Mystery Spot is a series of surprises that are unique, different, inexplainable. It is not like anything else I ever saw or heard of and I have seen most of the noted places in California and many other states.
It appears as though every law of gravitation has gone haywire, turned topsy-turvy and just doesn't make sense. Some unseen magnetism or phenomenon just upsets all former ideas of equilibrium. What is it that makes one stand up leaning backwards or sideways? See if you can find it.

Until the upside-down, kitty-cornered phenomenon is officially proven or disproven, The Mystery Spot leaves the matter entirely up to its' visitors, the photographers and Dame Nature.


Location: 1953 Branciforte Drive
Address: Box 2817, Santa Cruz, CA, 95063
Phone: (831) 423-8897
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