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Dear Congressman Graves,

I recently learned of your plan to spend $273k to "identify Goth culture leaders that are preying on our kids".

It is a source of amazement to me that despite the thorough reporting on the "gothic" obsessions of Columbine seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, our government leaders have remained mum on this dangerous trend. Although on the surface it might appear a clothing fad, Gothic subculture is far more sinister: it imprints our children with vampiric bloodletting, satanic rituals, and sado-masochism as well as the usual suspects of violence, drug use, and sexual immorality. It is high time that government resources were brought to bear upon this scourge.

The corporate roots of the foul tree are not hard to trace: A&M Records, producers of Marilyn Manson; and Hot Topic Incorporated. However, lesser known and even more disturbing trends operate "under the radar". To give you a sense of the global scope of this problem, even in Japan, schoolgirl innocence is mocked and corrupted by the "Gothic Lolita" fashion trend.

I have been tracking gothic trends in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost ten years. San Francisco has the dubious distinction of hosting multiple Satanic groups including the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set. Known satanists openly hold indoctrination and recruiting drives under the guise of gothic "dances".

I believe we could work together, combining your politics know-how with my years of experience tracking this subculture. I would like to offer my consulting services in driving this malignancy out of our schools, cities, and ultimately our country itself.

Your In Jesus,

John M Vinopal

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