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Note: This is of historical interest only! Last updated April 1998!
Being, as is my wont, random ramblings and scrabblings which come unbidden to mind after only a few drinks. Why do goths spin around in circles? To keep the bats out of their hair.
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<othiym> Yes. Put me in a room full of beautiful women (say,
<othiym> Roderick's), and will I be able to walk up to and chat up any
<othiym> of the particularly attractive ones?
<othiym> NO, I will not.
<othiym> I will cower in the corner and fantasize vaguely that they
<othiym> will see me and think I'm cute and wander over and talk to me.
<othiym> Which they won't, because they're probably just as frightened
<othiym> and inept as me.
<weevil> othi: bingo
<othiym> Because all goths were persecuted nerds as children.
<othiym> It's a fact.
<banshee> and I am a big chicken BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK

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Monday: Death Guild

Death Guild

Monday Nights Big Heart City 836 Mission between 4th and 5th 9:30pm - 3am Contact:
Cover: $5 Age: 18+ Ins-Outs: ?? Coat-Check: ??
Drinks: Full bar Facilities: ??
Music: Lots of retro heavy goth and 80s. Industrial in a second room? Playlist DJs: Melting Girl, Lucretia, Joe Radio Art: ??

Tuesday: Roderick's Chamber

Roderick's Chamber - 3/2/98

Tuesday Nights 715 Harrison at 3rd 9pm - 3am Contact: 415-355-5410 Cover: $7 Age: 18+ Ins-Outs: yup bob Coat-Check: $2 (ripoff)
Drinks: Full bar, Beer on tap $3.75; Wine $3.00; some decent Scotch. Facilities: air dryer; mirror; 3 sinks; female congregation room.
Music: Variance from week to week; typically some Bauhaus, Siouxsie, DCD, maybe some Darkwave, generally sets of a lot of electro-industrial. Sometime fuschia has that 80s urge. DJs: X, Rick, Fuschia Art: Changes weekly; often beautiful photography; recently inks from she who did the 'little goth girl' comic, but my lame housemate bailed before she could introduce me.

Wednesday: Lilith, Bondage a GoGo

Shrine of Lilith - 3/11/98

Wednesdays Maritime Hall 375 1st St. 9 - 2am Contact: ?? Cover: $5, $3 before 10 Age: 18+ Ins-Outs: Yes (smoking ban rules) Coat-Check: $1
Drinks: 1 bar; $5 scotch, $3 beer. No wait! Facilities: paper towels, mirror, 2 sinks (in boys). Presents!
Music: Industrial heavy, some DCD, Billy Idol: requests. DJs: Mephisto (varies) Art: Lovely Nautical Murals!

Bondage a GoGo - DEFUNCT?

Wednesday Nights 520 4th @ Bryant 9pm - 3am Contact: 415-995-4600 Cover: $5 - $7 Age: 21+ Ins-Outs: No Coat-Check: $?
Drinks: 2 Full Bars Facilities: 1 sink
Music: Claim is mostly industrial with 'tribal' gothic. Playlist DJs: Damon, Alex, Matt Art: No

Friday: Labyrinth


Friday Night Maritime Basement 375 1st @ Harrison 9pm - 2am Contact: 415-263-0636 Cover: $4 - $6 Age: 18+ Ins-Outs: ?? Coat-Check: $1
Drinks: Full Bar; Draft Beer Facilities: 2 sinks/mirrors, no towels, often unisex when the gal's is filled.
Music: Gothic, Industrial (you were expecting perhaps Country and Western?) DJs: Mephisto, Lynx Art: Great 40s era mural.

Saturday: Sanctuary, So What, Catacombs

Sanctuary: DEFUNCT

Saturday Nights 530 Valencia @ 16th, next to Scenic India 9pm ~ 4am Contact: 415-267-7665 Cover: $7 Age: 18+ Ins-Outs: I think so. Coat-Check: No
Drinks: Limited selection bar; Beer $3.50; Wine $3.00; the good beer sometimes runs out but the bartenders are really nice; No hassle about water Facilities: paper towels; mirror; 1 sink
Music: Pretty much your std goth mix; some Bauhaus, german electro, DCD, Loreena McKennit, Tones on Tail, and even once Japan. Light on 80s pop. Light on grinding industrial. DJs: Perki, Ophelia, Raven + others Art: Pretty odd box collages. Periodically changes.

So What

Saturday Nights Maritime Basement 375 1st @ Harrison 9pm - 2am Contact: 415-263-6750 Cover: $4-$6 Age: 18+ Ins-Outs: ?? Coat-Check: $1
Drinks: Full Bar; Draft Beer Facilities:
Music: PlayList DJs: ? Art: 40s era Mural

Catacombs: DEFUNCT?

Some Saturdays Transmission Theater 11th at Fulsom

Rapture: DEFUNCT?

2nd and 4th Saturdays Transmission Theater 314 11th at Fulsom 9pm - 3:30am Contact: 415.979.4455 Cover: $7 Age: 18+ Ins-Outs: ?? Coat-Check: ??
Drinks: 2 Full Bars; Draft Beer Facilities: ??
Music: ?? DJs: Jackal Art: Floor Shows.

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