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Pictures from the Burning Man Festival 1996

First iteration, September 4, 1996.
More pictures and stories forthcoming as time allows.

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Steve Lerner, of the Irrational Geographic Society, extols the power of his Alien Repellent Device, a silver pyramid with flashing lights. He points to a reddish smear on one of its corrugated sides. "It's like a bug zapper. Do you agree that playa dust is white? That there is no red dust anywhere out here? There is alien blood splattered on the side of this, my friend."

from the L.A. Times article
"Mystery festivals should be unforgettable events, casting their shadows over the whole of one's future life, creating experiences that transform existence."

- Aristotle
Closeness of the big "D"? I don't know what you're talking about. I ignite cabbage sized fireworks that come from strangers that explode into stadium- sized showers of sparks 50 feet from my house ALL THE TIME.

- Uvula

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