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165.227.14.X == RESORT.COM

The Resort's network link consists of two Hayes Optima v.FC 28.8 modems running over standard phone lines. Typical connect speed is 26.4K. The modems have a low latency time, in the range of 170ms. Peak transfer speeds exceed 4K bytes/sec on uncompressed files. This gives max bit/second speeds of between 21000 and 30000 depending on the data.

Modem Statistics

254 packets transmitted, 254 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 158/171/459 ms

compressed: 240640 bytes received in 89.33 seconds (2.63 Kbytes/s)

This is the same file compressed with gnu compress.
compressed: 381761 bytes received in 141.66 seconds (2.63 Kbytes/s)
uncompressed: 1228800 bytes received in 289.22 seconds (4.15 Kbytes/s)

One modem connects to atrium, our gateway machine, which runs NetBSD 1.1. The hardware is a non-descript 386/20 ISA pc clone with a Hayes ESP 1024 byte FIFOed serial card. This card is supported under NetBSD thanks to code written by banshee. Www.resort.com is a 386/25 also running NetBSD.

The other modem connects to a Livingston router at scruz.net. Scruz provides affordable IP connectivity to the greater Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose, and Peninsula areas. Email info@scruz.net for more details.

* Resort WWW access statistics

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