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The Official Resort Events Calendar

Last Update: 11/5/95

Coming Events:
	Aug 26-27: First Weekend of Northern Faire!
	Memorial Day Weekend: BURNING MAN
	Oct   1: Last Day of Northern Faire
	Oct   7: Party in sf @ t'wop south
	Oct  13: Serious Goth in SF
	Oct  14: More Goth: Winter Gone By in SF
	Oct  21: Afternoon SF beach party/Party in sf @ isolda
	Oct  24: Lisa Gerrard in sf @ performing arts
	Oct  27: Pre-Hallow Geek LoveIN -- Scotts Valley
	Oct  28: IT CAME FROM MONTE CARLO! Halloween Party @ MPCH
	Nov   3: Party in Berkeley @ carrye
	Nov   4: Rahulio-o-rama
	Dec  31: Celebrate NYE online with the RESORT!
	Jan  27: Gothic Fashion Show at Trocadero in SF.
	Feb  15: Resorters Fly to Rio for Carnival!

Upcoming Events:

  1]  Cocktails R Us
  2]  Capitalism IV?
  3]  Pig Out On Galen's Food-a-Thon

Check the Santa Cruz Wide Calendar.

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