New Year's 96-96.. The Aftermathcleaning up

scoopin' up puke

Clean-up after our parties is something everyone contributes to.. but probably because John and I were passed out the morning after the new year's party, when most of the cleanup was going on, we got puke duty.

However, we found the job to be LUSCIOUS in its BANALITY.

Even if we didn't know who lost their meal, we knew exactly what it was.. as John pointed out, an almost perfectly pristine heap of undigested spaghetti platter. Sorry you didnt get to thoroughly enjoy your dinner, whoever you are....

a special surprise

Ah! Our scavenging has paid off.. leftover martini fixins! Its almost too good to be true.. we thought all the booze had either been digested or... not digested...

john makes a drink

John helps himself.

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