Resort NYE 1995 - 12:45 to 2:00

Now the balloons have dropped, the champagne has been popped, and the party goes into high gear. Who will ick with whom? Whats happening in those dark corners of the first Day of 1996? Lets investigate...
Poor Jila had too much to drink and is stuck on Banshee's bed.
Shrew wanders in to see what the commotion is all about.
And downstairs the masses are getting close... to something.
Shock hates the camera at times like these.
Banshee can't see the camera for the ringing in his ears.
Kaleja in the pit.
Ok the photographer is REALLY fucked up now.
Ariyana dances in the hall,
But Mike prefers to simply stand waiting for the bathroom.
Qarin and Boy in Salguod's Cave.
Zenompt is in the Cave too.
As is Matthew! (These are schooling geeks.)
The lovely Smic stares askance at the now-drunked Curtain.
Chad hangs out in the family room.
Fej hides at Galen's terminal just like Galen!
"No Matthew, for the last time you can NOT touch my boob" -- Leek is so selfish.
Wow, whose butt IS that?
Speaking of butts, Darius looks like a butt pirate!
Yo ho! The champagne is out and I'm swashbuckling for booze!
Lafolle and Flannel have a quiet moment in the corner.
Jila, now in her own room, tries to sleep it off.
Hey Russ, whos your new girlfriend? Eh?
"No comment. What? No we're not drunk. Hey get out of here!"
Did Russ's new girlfriend fall off the bed?
Yes Chad, you're probally drunk.
Unspeakable ick in the pit,
and Yertle comes home to investigate the condition of her room.
Chad and Banshee are really, uh, cute, huh?
Hey! Who is this? Hey Baby! Where you sleeping tonight?
Crazy Aunt Kathy outdrinks anyone!
Spcecdt likes real film, not this fake stuff.