Resort NYE 1995 - 11:45 to 12:15

Anticipation mounts as the Midnight hour comes nigh. Well, some other kinds of mounting too, but this isn't the place to discuss that now. Mellow ambient electronic sounds fill the livingroom, church air the ick pit, and sounds of drunken revelry.

Whats a corpse for? Drunken Revelry!!!?!

The booze must be soaking into the photographer.
DVB is at the dj table.
Even more geeks are on the railing.
While DVB plays this very very fine lp indeed.
Is it Flint? Who is this?!
Rocky in the Kitchen.
Yee haw, 'Wopper gals.
Leek and Yertle cuddle tamely.
Jynx the goth hottie.
Tish in close and personal.
DVB is starting to have too much fun with the sound system.
Shane and Eva drink only water.
JD is very very very very UPSET.
Pink cheeks mean that Yvonne is a cheap date.
Hey, who invited this guy?
Ruhue and Fez commune.
Kia is still glassy-eyed from Yertle's Room -O- Sin.
Ruhue and Picori the Bondage Twins perform for you,
Concluding with the joyeous Mons-Hug.
Shock and Kia smooch up.
The Mon's Hug has left Ruhue feeling a bit strange.
Now Shock is smooching with the Mustache Twins.
While her boyfriend Kaleja waits patiently.
Quark sometimes lets her hair down...
Dave drinks while Yvonne hides.
We just can't get enough of the Mustache Guy!!!
Beeman at the console.
Banshee is forced to subdue some random geek girl.
Who the?!
Self-Portrait of Banshee and Grier.
Something bad is happening in this photo.
And the crowd waits for the ball to drop at Midnight!