Resort NYE 1995 - 11:35 to 11:45

Arriving at the Resort from the glorious last day of Dicken's Faire in San Francisco, the party was already well under way with pre 11pm reports of boozing, lechery, and vomit.
Ahoy! Kia, Ribena, Weevil, and Banshee settle in for an evening's fun.
Carrie Takes Control of the Tool.
But Banshee insists its his turn.
Cindy and DVB wander in to see whats up.
And Kia can only stare...
As DVB shows his special tooth.
Chad is out by the fireplace,
And Jila in her room,
And Curtain is ready for some serious drinking.
Galen however, is too busy geeking to drink.
Shock is in Doug's room.
Izzy is in a state of surprise.
Izzy and Kaz pose for a moment.
As do Mick and his Goil.
Twizliewoppers: Smurf, Chad?, Jon, and Tish.
Heidi blows a kiss.
Its a dance party with Omni and Zeke in the middle.
Ribena makes some drinks.
Ruhue tries to find a mate.
Dave? also came straight down from Dicken's Faire.
Full steam ahead for drunken revelry!
A laced in Amy.
And a Kitchen Confession.
The boys mill about to discuss Manly Things.
The Squid just sits quietly in the corner hoping someone will ask it to dance.
Geeks on the Railing.
Ms Uvula in her feathered glory.
Fez and the mystery moustached guy!