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Whats the Point?

The Point of a Capitalism Party is to investigate the arbitrary nature of money and the fluidity of economic systems in a highly unrealistic test situation. To this end, you as party-goer need participate both as a consumer and a provider. While you are provided with a small amount of Capital from the Bank of the Resort, this will prove insufficient to purchase many things. To make more money, you need to sell, barter, and trade with other guests. Space is provided to advertise and bargain.

Alcohol based items almost never fail to sell. The House Bar will purchase outright most alcohols and mixers, providing a centralized location for the dispersement of drinks. $cotch and other costly 'single-shot' drinks may be placed on consignment at the Bar.

Souvenir items are often popular. Rare luxuries are also popular. Items may be sold individually, or auctioned. Everything must be self-contained, absolutely no dishes, silverware, napkins, etc will be provided by The Resort. Drinking cups WILL be present, but available ONLY in the price of a drink from the Resort Bar. Items which have sold particularly well in the past include:

Not all marketable things are material goods, services often command far higher prices. Examples of services are:

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